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Mojo Hand FX has unveiled the latest addition to its effects pedal roster, the Mister-O Phase Shifter.

Spec’d from the sound and design of the Maestro Phase Shifter PS-1, Mojo Hand FX’s new offering aims to mimic the “special phasing magic” of the original stompbox during its inception in the early ‘70s.

After long hours of “careful listening, playing and tweaking,” the brand has settled on a design that not only stays faithful to the original’s six phase stages but also adds more versatility to cater to more contemporary players.

Sporting a compact pedalboard-friendly chassis, the Mister-O Phase Shifter carries a trio of control knobs that dictate Depth, Speed, and Color parameters. You may use the Depth knob to craft “subtle or chewy” tones, while the Speed dial lets you control the LFO rate. Working alongside these is the Color control, which you can dial up for sharp resonant peaks or rollback for smoother sounds.

According to Mojo Hand FX, “To most closely simulate the sound of the original, start with the Speed, Depth, and Color knobs pointing straight up to 12 o’clock. You will now be closely emulating the sound of the original in the medium speed position. Adjusting Speed to the far left simulates the slow speed position, 2-3 o’clock simulating the fast position.”

The Mister-O Phase Shifter is already available for $149. Learn more about the pedal on the Mojo Hand FX website.

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