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Mythos Pedals has unveiled their first-ever delay stompbox, the Oracle Analog Echo.

“Well it finally happened. Mythos has moved beyond just making dirt boxes! The Oracle Analog Echo is finally here,” the brand wrote.

According to Mythos Pedals, while the Oracle Analog Echo pays tribute to the Japanese echo stompbox, it is not a direct clone of anything. As stated in the press release, the unit “has been reimagined as a classic BBD delay pedals that harkens back to the most classic Japanese designs.”

Sporting a design by Electronic Audio Experiments’ John Snyder, the Oracle Analog Echo builds around a couple of reissue MN3205 chips. The intuitive control interface consists of Mix, Time, and Feedback dials, along with a Tap Tempo and True Bypass On/Off footswitches.

Delivering up to 600 ms of warm delay time, the Oracle Analog Echo has been wired not to interfere with your playing. The unique tap tempo circuit allows for driving the delay time amount beyond the control for degraded broken repeats. Other handy features include true bypass switching, top mount jacks, and dual V3205 chips.

The Oracle Analog Echo is available for $259 from Mythos Pedals dealers worldwide. For more information, check out the Mythos Pedals website.

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