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MSL Pedals has unveiled their version of the Roland AP7 Jet Phaser, the Night Witch Fuzz + Ramping Phaser.

Per the press release, the classic circuit has been revamped for modern pedalboards while maintaining all of the original’s distinctive characteristics. The Night Witch boasts more extensive Fuzz controls (Volume, Tone, and Fuzz) and independent true-bypass footswitches for every effect.

The Ramp footswitch gradually speeds up from the Rate dial’s setting to the fastest rate possible. Disengaging it returns to your Rate control setting, acting like a two-speed Leslie.

“We have also included an internal trimmer to boost the phaser output to unity level. This pedal is designed for use by guitarists or bassists. The tone control is unique in that it cuts the highs while boosting the bass and vice versa,” MSL Pedals said in the press release.

Sporting a more diminutive footprint and price point, the Night Witch delivers ramping phaser tones and timeless fuzz typical of classic albums that range from the likes of the Isley Brothers to the Sex Pistols. Other features include a 4 / 8 stage Depth toggle switch as well as an internal charge pump for standard negative tip 9V DC power supplies.

The Night Witch Fuzz + Ramping Phaser comes in black, teal, and purple colorways and lists for $300.

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