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MXR has unveiled the FOD Drive pedal, which boasts a pair of independent drive circuits that perfectly complement one another.

Per the brand, the basis of the FOD Drive was to emulate the feel of playing through two amp stacks simultaneously. The pedal allows players to blend two legendary amp stacks in a single compact enclosure.

Both drives have been modeled closely after two customized guitar amps of a “legendary” make. According to MXR, one highlights the punchy midrange character, while the other serves up a highly scooped high-gain tone.

Each circuit comes with independent controls for volume and gain. Once the user has realized their dream version of each, the blend dial allows them to combine both signals. The FOD Drive also carries a tone control that alters the EQ of the overall blended signal, as well as a scoop switch for selecting between flat, scooped, and boosted mid-range voices.

“Pros and tone chasers have been combining amplifiers on stage and in the studio for years, blending their sounds together and opening up new tonal palettes for exploration,” MXR stated. “Thanks to MXR’s award-winning team of engineers, you can recreate that experience right from your pedalboard.”

The MXR FOD Drive will be available soon for $242.84. For more details, check out

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