Eventide Launches a Pedal Edition of Its Famed Blackhole Reverb Leave a comment

Eventide Audio has released its iconic Blackhole reverb as a standalone stompbox.

Ever since its debut on the classic DSP4000, the famed reverb algorithm has been a mainstay on Eventide multi-effects processors. With the new Blackhole pedal, players can experience the depth of the original effect in a pedalboard-friendly format and without screens to contend.

Just like the original, the Blackhole allows for customizing original reverb sound via a set of efficacious controls. Using the Gravity and Size dials in tandem forms an exceptionally potent combination. The former sets the amount of normal or inverse decay on reverb tails, while the latter enables control over the effect’s dimensions.

“Pick and choose from five otherworldly presets—create supermassive atmospheres with the ethereal reverb of Blackhole, soar through nimbus clouds with the airy delay of Dark Matter, achieve sonic supernovas with the resounding swirl of Nebula, experience an uncharted galaxy of sound with the warmth of Singularity, and achieve a stellar rotation of sonority with Pulsar—or get creative and create presets of your own,” Eventide wrote.

Also on offer are two discrete infinite reverb modes accessible via footswitch and multiple bypass options: Relay, DSP+FX, Buffered, or Kill dry.

The Eventide Blackhole lists for $279. Hear the Blackhole in action below:

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