MXR Poly Blue Octave

MXR Reinvents Its Blue Box for the Poly Blue Octave Leave a comment

MXR has unveiled a rebooted and more feature-laden version of its cult-classic Blue Box—the M306 Poly Blue Octave.

Popularized by the likes of Jimmy Page, the original Blue Box is iconic for its fuzz effect and two octave-down pitch-shift capabilities.

With the Poly Blue Octave, the brand has taken the DNA of the original Blue Box and coupled it with some new-and-improved specs to cater to the needs of modern guitarists.

Promising a more comprehensive pitch-shifting approach, the M306 Poly Blue Octave lets you access four independent octave divisions, each with its own level dials labeled as Sub-1, Sub-2, Oct+1, and Oct+2.

Other notable features include a two-mode modulation effect to unleash Leslie/Phase 90-esque effects and an expression output that gives you expression pedal-operated command over various parameters.

You can now preorder the MXR M306 Poly Blue Octave for $199.


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