Neunaber Updates Its Echelon, Seraphim, and Wet Pedals Leave a comment

Neunaber has reimagined its Echelon Echo, Seraphim Shimmer, and Wet Reverb stompboxes, each boasting a pair of selectable algorithms, top-mounted jacks, and more.

The Echelon Echo v2 now comes with two effects—a Lo-Fi delay for a classic crackly flavor and the original Hi-Fi Tape Echo, which delivers the high-frequency saturation of magnetic tape, as well as a modulation for color and richness. With its intuitive three-knob interface, users can easily dial in their ideal sound. 

Meanwhile, the Seraphim Shimmer v2 is “everything you loved about the original, plus more.” Combining a shimmer layer and a reverb, the stompbox incorporates the shimmer algorithm from the Immerse Mk II pedal and plug-in, alongside the original. 

Finally, the Wet Reverb v5 features a new W3T reverb algorithm spec’d from the Immerse MK II pedal and plug-in. Crafted with compact versatility in mind, the unit enables players to create their sound with a trio of straightforward controls. 

For all three pedals, Neunaber promises, “You’ll spend less time twiddling knobs and more time actually playing.”

Sporting a sleek black chassis, the Echelon Echo, Seraphim Shimmer, and Wet Reverb are going for an introductory price of $149. Learn more about the updated versions of these stompboxes at the Neunaber website. 

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