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Texas-based Mojo Hand FX has unveiled a downsized variant of its Wonder Filter stompbox, the Little Wonder.

“We took the funk from our original Wonder Filter and squished it into a smaller, pedal board friendly enclosure with a simplified set of controls! The Little Wonder has classic envelope filter sounds for any rig that needs a little quack to it. Very responsive to your playing dynamics, we fine tuned the envelope to be quick and easy to dial in, but versatile enough to satisfy guitars, basses, and keyboards alike,” Mojo Hand FX wrote.

Inspired by the coveted Mu-Tron filter pedal from the 70s, the Little Wonder streamlines the control section of its bigger sibling, making dialing in envelope filter tones more straightforward. It carries a two-position switch for changing between low- and band-pass filtering modes.

Control-wise, the Little Wonder consists of Blend, Peak, and Gain dials for setting the right balance between the instrument’s dry signal and the effect’s, fine-tuning the sharpness of the filter, and tweaking the input sensitivity of the envelope without coloring the overall signal, respectively.

The Little Wonder is slated for a September 25 release at $149. Head over to Mojo Hand FX for more details.

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