NUX Debuts the MG-300 Modeling Guitar Processor Leave a comment

NUX has unveiled what might be the best budget compact modeler ever, the MG-300 Modeling Guitar Processor.

Taking cues from its predecessors, such as the MG-100, the MG-300 boasts a plethora of effects and amp models, as well as an expression pedal, a color screen, and physical parameter controls.

“Dollar-for-dollar, the best multi-effect unit on the market. Our dream was to develop a compact and versatile multi-efx pedal at the right price. We understand that both beginners and working musicians are looking for compact size and great sound at an affordable price. This was a big challenge, and we’re proud to say we did it!” the company wrote in the press release. 

Famous for Impulse Response technology, NUX added 512 sample resolution IRs to the MG-300. Users may load third party IR files via the QuickTone edit software. The inbuilt 25 cab IRs couple four classic microphones with three positions so beginners can quickly jump into the multi-effects experience.

Other outstanding features include Core-Image Post-Effects for studio sound quality, TSAC-HD Pre-Effects and Amp Modeling for playability and realistic feel, USB audio stream for recording interface with routing setup, global three bands EQ for seamless adjustment in a live application, and many more. 

Ultimately, the MG-300 comes in a more sophisticated, sharply cornered chassis than its predecessors. Pricing information is yet to be available.

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