MG-30 Versatile Modeler

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NUX has taken its multi-FX game to the next level with the MG-30 Versatile Modeler, a budget-friendly amp modeler and multi-effects unit.

When the brand introduced the MG-300, which it touts as the “best-budget compact modeler on the market ever,” its TSAC-HD (White-Box) Modeling Algorithm started to gain attention. That is due to its lifelike amp response and playability.

Now, NUX may have outdone itself with the new MG-30 Versatile Modeler. The manufacturer claims that it features even better definitions from HD to 2K. Even better, the unit comes with a power amp BIAS parameter tweaking for better playability and warmth.

According to NUX, “With two powerful NXP RT processors, MG-30 drives 1024 samples Impulse Response resolution with ultra-low system latency (2ms) to give you tight and fast response. Two premium AD/DA AKM AK4558EN 32-bit 2 channel audio CODECs realizes ‘high quality sound performance.’ MG-30 has a super wide dynamic range ~110dB!”

Built with working musicians’ needs in mind, the MG-30 Versatile Modeler concentrates on 30 classic essentials, each living up to player demands. Its top-shelf collection includes two acoustic amp models, three bass amp models, and 25 electric guitar amp models.

Learn more about the MG-30 Versatile Modeler over at the NUX website.

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