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Old Blood Noise Endeavors has given the Alpha Haunt Fuzz a makeover for 2021, introducing a brand-new layout and art by Daniel Danger.

The 12-control fuzz stompbox maintains the original’s internals but has been scaled down to take up a more compact footprint. It also sports a reorganized layout with plastic caps for its EQ sliders. The Bias dial, which allows for going from beefy to splatty sounds, now comes in a toggle switch.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors introduced the Alpha Haunt in 2018 as an expanded version of its famous Haunt fuzz stompbox. Its controls include a bias control, enhance dial, fuzz control, fuzz range switch, gate, master volume control, and three-band EQ.

According to Old Blood Noise Endeavors, the Alpha Haunt “explores the vast variety of sounds you can coax from one fuzz circuit, from open overdrives to squashed sputters. Now in a more pedalboard-friendly package, the Alpha Haunt continues to offer users its uniquely versatile control set.”

The Alpha Haunt is available for $229 and, due to a minor manufacturing delay, starts shipping on February 4, 2021. Head over to the Old Blood Noise Endeavors website for more details.

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