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Free The Tone has unveiled a unique take on the loop pedal format—the Motion Loop Pitch Shiftable Short Looper.

Equipped with a powerful DSP, the Motion Loop yields much stranger sounds than conventional loopers. It houses a bank of 128 user presets, plus 35 factory presets. On the face of the pedal is a tiny screen showing the current preset.

Loops can run through various effects, including a pitch shift up/down by two octaves, high- and low-pass filters, random cutting and rearranging, speed variation, reverse, and delay. You can also find some soft clipping as well as a unique waveform smoothing effect.

“The Free The Tone Motion Loop is a revolutionary short looper that performs short-term sampling and real-time effect processing such as pitch shift, delay, filter. Its real-time processing enables this short looper to be used as a tool handled like a musical instrument. Random processing of sampled waveforms can create accidental sounds. Enjoy the world of Motion Loop that has unlimited potential,” the brand detailed.

Other features include an expression pedal input that allows hands-free control over any one of the Motion Loop’s parameters.

The Motion Loop retails for $350. Hear it in action with the official demo video below or learn more at the Free The Tone website.

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