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Origin Effects has launched the latest addition to its RevivalDRIVE pedal lineup—the RD Compact Hot Rod, which seeks to emulate the feel of playing through a vintage hot-rodded amp.

The RD Compact Hot Rod’s analog design draws inspiration from the 70s and 80s amp techs, who pushed amps to produce the sounds of early heavy metal and hard rock.

“Discrete transistors stand in place of valves, right down to the push-pull output stage and specially designed power supply which introduces just the right amount of sag,” Origin Effects said in a statement, adding:

“All this means that this super-realistic pedal not only replicates the sounds but also the dynamics and feel of coveted hot-rodded amps.”

Control-wise, the RD Compact Hot Rod consists of seven different control parameters, including Blend, Gain, and Output dials. EQ options include Low and High controls for sculpting both ends of the drive character. Finally, the More/Pres knob alters presence and the way the drive reacts to pick attacks.

As with other RevivalDRIVE stompboxes, the RD Compact Hot Rod also features post-drive EQ controls to help accommodate the drive to various setups.

The Origin Effects RD Compact Hot Rod is already available for £320. You can hear it in action below:

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