Dreadbox Drops Three New Pedals: Darkness, Kinematic, Lethargy Leave a comment

Greek gear manufacturer Dreadbox has unveiled three new effect stompboxes: Darkness, Kinematic, and Lethargy.

All three units take after the brand’s 2018 Komorebi stompbox, with each consisting of four dials, a switch to engage an alternate mode, and a footswitch or two. In keeping with Dreadbox’s synthesizer-focused approach, Kinematic and Lethargy work with Eurorack modules, with a trio of patch ports along the top.

Darkness is a digital stereo reverb capable of yielding “huge, shimmering and endless reverbs.” It carries control knobs for Mix, Decay, Spread, and Control, dependent on the active mode. Mode 1 lets you set the modulation rate of reverb tails, while Mode 2 allows for applying a gate and defining the release time.

Meanwhile, Kinematic is an analog compressor and envelope filter. Dials control Drive, Level, Filter, and Envelope, with the mode switch shifting the stompbox between compressor colour and envelope filter modes.

Ultimately, Lethargy is an all-analog eight-stage phase shifter consisting of Rate, Amount, Feedback, and Manual dials. You may select two different LFO waves, with the LFO rate reaching a helicopter-like 110Hz. Patch points for Rate, Manual, and LFO Out are available along the top if you wish to integrate the stompbox into a modular setup.

Darkness, Kinematic, and Lethargy list for €259, €179, and €199, respectively. Learn more about them at the Dreadbox website.

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