Pigtronix Announces Three Analog Micro Pedals Leave a comment

Pigtronix is going interstellar with a trio of new all-analog micro stompboxes for 2021: the Constellator, Moon Pool, and Space Rip.

Leveraging vintage Bucket Brigade Device chips, the Constellator dishes out a distinctly warm analog sound. It consists of five controls, including a Mod that allows for adding color and warp to the signal. Finally, a Feel switch lets you toggle between a chorus and vibrato effect.

Meanwhile, the Moon Pool is a modulation mashup consisting of a phase shifter and tremolo, which can run separately or in tandem. Every effect comes with an independent Speed knob. For a more tactile approach, the effect is adjustable to suit your picking dynamics via the Sens dial. Also on offer are a variable bias tremolo and a four-stage VCA-based phaser.

Ultimately, the Space Rip makes any guitar sound like a retro analog synth. Pulse width modulation (PWM) sweeps between a saw and square wave to create a beefy, bright tone. Moreover, a “state-of-the-art” tracking engine keeps up with the most rapid scale runs as well as picking dynamics. Other features include a Sub dial and Octave switch for dropping in two additional lower octaves, yielding a beefier sound.

The Constellator, Moon Pool, and Space Rip each carry a price tag of $179. Pigtronix has yet to announce a release date.

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