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Jackson Audio has unveiled the Fuzz, a modular stompbox that lets you swap out circuit parts for various sounds.

The Fuzz, in conjunction with the core fuzz circuitry, features an analog octave circuit activated with a secondary footswitch. It can go from clean octave to spluttering, synth-esque turmoil. A fully parametric three-band EQ allows for targeting frequencies to shape, instead of merely having bass, middle, and treble set at specific points in the spectrum.

Per Jackson Audio, the Fuzz “takes faithful recreations of historic fuzz circuits and brings them together in one modular pedal that allows you to create classic fuzz sounds as well as new fuzz sounds that are impossible with these original circuits!”

Analog plugins come in the form of tiny daughterboards with trim pots for setting behavior. The Fuzz ships with the Modern Fuzz installed plus Fuzz Classic/Vintage board as an additional module.

For more genuine recreations of legendary fuzz circuits, the following modules are also on offer: Goat Head (Rams Head Big Muff Pi), Fuzz Page Mark II (Tone Bender MKII), Fuzz Classic/Modern (Fuzz Face), and Modern Fuzz Deluxe for an expanded stock module with more clipping options.

Other features include a plate-mounted chassis design and top-mounted jacks for convenient pedalboard arrangement.

The Fuzz Modular Fuzz retails for £279, while the modules cost £49 apiece.

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