Pigtronix Echolution 3

Pigtronix Unleashes the Slimmed-Down Echolution 3 Delay Leave a comment

Pigtronix has announced the successor to its Echolution 2—the slimmed-down yet powerful Echolution 3 delay pedal.

Boasting a more streamlined enclosure and design than its predecessor, the Echolution 3 functions as a multi-tap stereo modulation delay with an extensive selection of tonal options.

For starters, the Time control lets you dial in anywhere from 100 ms to 5 secs of delay, with delay time also being adjustable using the inbuilt Tap Tempo switch.

According to Pigtronix, “A second delay tap can be set to the same length or a fraction of the main delay time to create rhythmic echoes. The ¾ fraction creates a dotted eight note delay, while the Golden fraction uses the sacred geometry of the Golden Ratio (.382) as the multiplier for the second tap.”

While the Mix dial is in charge of the delay signal, the Mod control manages delay modulation, with extra Tone, Depth, and Speed modulation controls accessible with the tap switch above the Mod dial.

As its label implies, the Repeats knob adjusts delay repeats, while the Special FX tap switch below lets you access Reverse, Jump, and Pong.

Up to four presets are storable on the Echolution 3, which you can toggle between via the final, bottom right tap switch.

Other handy features include buffered bypass, stereo output, MIDI capability, 9VDC power operation, and compatibility with Pigtronix’s Universal Remote.

The Pigtronix Echolution 3 is already available for $299. Stop by the brand’s website for more details.

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