Pigtronix Gamma Drive

Pigtronix Crams Tons of Tone-Boosting Functionalities Into the Gamma Drive Leave a comment

Pigtronix has introduced the latest addition to its pedalboard-friendly sci-fi-themed effects stompboxes—the Gamma Drive.

Featuring a germanium-enhanced circuitry, the Gamma Drive comes with a relatively straightforward control interface of Bass (slices/boosts lower frequencies), Treble (ditto with higher frequencies), Gain (sets the distortion level), and Volume (manages the output level) dials.

Tone-wise, the Gamma Drive is perfect for everything from mild clean boost to mad distortion. The uncanny combination of LED, germanium, and silicon diodes yields a highly touch-sensitive response with a lush breakup.

“Gamma Drive offers overdrive rich in 2nd order harmonics, which creates sweet, blooming tone,” Pigtronix detailed, adding: “Offering a range of overdrive from sparkling clean boost to a raging distortion, Gamma Drive was designed for versatile playing across a wide variety of musical genres.”

Other noteworthy features include true bypass and 9VDC power operation.

Earlier this year, Pigtronix introduced a trio of mini pedals—the Constellator modulated analog delay, Moon Pool tremvelope phaser, and Space Rip PWM guitar synth. D’Angelico acquired the brand and Supro USA in 2020.

You can get your Pigtronix Gamma Drive now for $129.

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