Red Panda Raster 2

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Red Panda has unveiled the Raster 2, a studio-quality digital delay in stompbox format loaded with frequency and pitch modulation functionalities.

Building upon its predecessor, the Raster 2 comes with longer delay times, stereo outputs, and MIDI compatibility, all while preserving the original’s responsiveness. Even better, it pairs with a web-based editor so you can modify presets and access some “hidden features.”

Also available on deck is up to 3,200ms of forward delay and 1,600ms of stereo delay, with reverse, series, parallel, and ping pong options on offer. You can see the quirkier tendencies of the newer Raster in pitch shifting and seven different modulation waveforms.

“While designing the Raster 2, we wanted to enable as many classic rack mount digital delay tricks as possible while keeping the fast and intuitive control that made the original Raster so fun to use. Instead of multiple modes with generic knob names, all of the parameters are always available, so you can mix and match different effects and explore new sounds in between,” Red Panda detailed.

Per the brand, the Raster 2 is “capable of extreme sonic mayhem” and retails for $299. Shipping will start late summer or the early fall 2021. Head over to the Red Panda Lab website for more details.

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