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Magnetic Effects Introduces the Eye To Eye Analog Phaser Leave a comment

Magnetic Effects has teamed up with the New Zealand band The Datsuns for the four-stage Eye To Eye analog phaser.

Launched in commemoration of The Datsuns’ namesake album, Eye To Eye comes with an all-analog signal path and is based on an Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA).

Control-wise, Eye To Eye carries dials for regeneration, mix, volume, speed, and sweep. The Mix control lets you eliminate the wet signal, tune your phaser sound in the middle, or remove the dry signal for distinctive vibrato sounds when set to max.

The three-position Rate switch extends the Speed dial’s range, setting it to work in two different ranges. In mid-position, Eye To Eye can function as a standalone, stationary filter. Meanwhile, the Sweep knob allows for adjustment of the frequency range the phase sweeps through.

“Set low for a narrow range and a less dramatic effect, or higher for a wider range resulting in a more pronounced phaser effect,” Magnetic Effects detailed.

Other handy features include true bypass switching, top-mounted jacks, and standard center-negative 9V operation.

Handcrafted in London and sporting some psychedelic artwork, Eye To Eye is now available to preorder for $189. Head over to the Magnetic Effects website for more details.

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