Red Panda Unveils the Bitmap 2 Bitcrusher Leave a comment

Red Panda has unveiled the Bitmap 2, a versatile bitcrusher with sample rate reduction from 48 kHz down to 110 Hz and bit reduction from 24-bits down to 1-bit.

For those who don’t know, Bitcrushing is an audio effect that yields distortion by minimizing the resolution of digital audio signals. While it isn’t the most popular effect in the guitar pedal realm, it’s becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Per Red Panda, the Bitmap 2 comes “tuned to provide maximum sustain without sputtering on staccato notes.” Flexible parameters promote sonic exploration. You may also employ auxiliary functions for an extensive range of playing styles.

Control-wise, the Bitmap 2 carries a mix dial that allows for setting the amount of effect in your signal, envelop control for modulating the sampling rate or mix, as well as a 4-pole low-pass filter linkable to an external expression pedal.

For extreme digital distortion, the Bitmap 2 incorporates “waveshaping, wavefolding, and a window comparator.” Other features include tap tempo that lets you sync your performance up with other players, along with some hidden parameters accessible via a web-based editor.

The Red Panda Bitmap 2 lists for $299, with shipping starting in February. Watch Tera Melos’ Nick Reinhart provide an in-depth demo of it below:

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