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Walrus Audio has revealed the third entry into its MAKO series, the ACS1—a feature-laden stereo amp and cab simulator for guitar.

Like other MAKO series pedals, the ACS1 sports a stepped dual-footswitch chassis with two LEDs, three mini toggle switches, and six dials. The controls let you adjust the simulation’s gain, volume, bass, midrange, and treble, as well as the onboard room reverb amount, spanning from a spacious, breezy studio to a more close-mic’d vibe.

Per Walrus Audio, the ACS1 Amp + Cab Simulator dishes out “the sound and feel of world-class amplifiers, complimentary speaker cabinets, and controllable room size.” It offers extensive options for yielding great tone whether you’re rehearsing at home, in the studio, or on stage.

With the rightmost toggle switch, you can pick from three amp modes—Fullerton (Fender Deluxe Reverb), London (Marshall Bluesbreaker), and Dartford (Vox AC30). Meanwhile, the central L + R toggle controls the extensiveness of your stereo usage. The unit also comes jam-packed with six high-quality cabinet impulse responses accessible via the ABC Cab toggle. Other handy features include stereo in and out, MIDI support, and inbuilt presets.

The MAKO ACS1 retails for £365. Head over to the Walrus Audio website to find out more.

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