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Red Witch Pedals has unveiled the fourth iteration of its Fuzz God stompbox, which it touts as the “most dial-able fuzz on the planet.”

“Dual NOS Silicon BC109 transistor Fuzz featuring the crazed switchable oscillation of Fuzz God II’s ‘Wrath’ coupled to a germanium diode Octavia and finally rounded off with an internal 8 way DIP switch allowing for 264 different tone and gain combinations. There’s not a lot the Fuzz God IV cannot do,” Red Witch detailed.

Sporting a horizontal layout similar to the Fuzz God II, the Fuzz God IV consists of three control knobs, two mini-toggles, and three footswitches. From left to right, the tiered footswitches engage the effect, Octavia, and wrath oscillation. The pedal also comes with a tricolor LED indicator: “Red (Engaged), Blue (Octavia), Green (Wrath), Violet (Fuzz with Octavia), Cyan (Fuzz with Wrath), White (Fuzz with Octavia and Wrath).”

The Fuzz God IV carries Sputter, Wrath, Fuzz, and Volume dials. Rolling the Sputter clockwise yields a smoother signal, while turning counterclockwise produces a more sputtery, squelchy fuzz madness. Finally, an eight-position dip switch is located internally for more tonal variety.

Hand-assembled, the Fuzz God IV is already available for $239.99. The first batch is limited to only 150 units, each numbered and inked by Red Witch’s Ben Fulton.

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