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Following on from its cryptic teaser onto its social media pages, Keeley Electronics has launched the 20 for 20 edition of its Tri-Verb pedal, which unsurprisingly sold like hotcakes.

Keeley’s 20 for 20 set of stompboxes are notoriously hard to pick up since every batch is limited to only 20 units. As the brand puts into words, “Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever!” Nonetheless, players can eventually find it on the secondhand market.

The Tri-Verb serves up a trio of distinct reverb modes: Chamber for a soft, warm-sounding vintage reverb, Plate for classic-sounding reverberated tones, and Spring for jangly and surfy sonic affairs. Users can tame each via a straightforward arsenal of controls consist of Tone, Pre Delay, Decay, and Blend dials. Additionally, it carries only one footswitch for engaging the effect.

Spec’d from the now discontinued Keeley X-Series Tri-Verb, the 20 for 20 Tri-Verb is among the brand’s most intuitive and handy reverb pedals in the market. According to Keeley Electronics, “Our X-Series Tri-Verb was a major hit, so we figured it was high time we gave it the 20 for 20 treatment!”

The Keeley 20 for 20 Custom Shop Edition Tri-Verb lists for $149. Head over to for more details.

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