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UK-headquartered effect pedal firm Redbeard Effects has launched with its first stompbox, the fiery Red Mist MKIV.

Redbeard Effects is the brainchild of self-proclaimed gear-head and Skindred guitarist Mikey Demus. Delivering precision-engineered effects pedals, its team want to utilize two decades of touring and studio experience and confess it is not their strong point.

“I’ve always been inspired by effects that make you think ‘WOW!’ when you stomp on them,” Mikey remarked. “We’re not looking to go where others have gone before. Whether you’re into blues, rock, punk, metal, ambience, pop, or making weird and wonderful noises—whatever your thing is, we’re here to push the envelope of what a pedal can do for you.”

The Red Mist MKIV is Redbeard Effects’ substitute to numerous generic, muddy and ice-pick sounding drives. With a highlight on highest-quality engineering and originality, the pedal is a focused, crunchy, tight drive capable of spicing up a tone from a delicious sizzle to virtually intolerable levels of blistering heat.

Designed to integrate smoothly into any digital or analog rig, the Red Mist MKIV incorporates sophisticated features such as a portable yet sturdy enclosure and top-mounted jacks for maximizing pedalboard space. It is an original circuit design crafted to take your sound into new exciting territories.

Handcrafted in the UK with meticulously picked components, the Red Mist MKIV retails for £184.99.

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