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Sabbadius Electronics Debuts the Uni-Vibe-Style Tiny-Vibe 68 and Tiny-Vibe 69 Leave a comment

Argentina-based effects pedal manufacturer Sabbadius Electronics has introduced two small-scale Uni-Vibe-inspired stompboxes—the Tiny-Vibe 68 and Tiny-Vibe 69.

Joining a collection of larger-scale Funky-Vibes, the Tiny-Vibe 68 and Tiny-Vibe 69 come with slightly different internal designs but both dish out vintage modulation tones.

Spec’d from the early 1968 Honey-built Uni-Vibe, the Tiny-Vibe 68 is the more intense-sounding of the pair, delivering speedier maximum pulse speed.

Meanwhile, the Tiny-Vibe 69 draws inspiration from a Japanese Uni-Vibe created in 1969 by Shin-Ei Companion, providing a noticeably warmer and broader sound.

Internally, each unit boasts a fully analog design and fits with custom-created photocells as well as Matsushita 2sC828 and 2sC539 transistors, helping re-create the original Uni-Vibe sound.

The control interface is akin for the two Tiny-Vibes, consisting of a Chorus/Vibrato switch, Volume and Intensity knobs on the face, and a Speed knob on the right-hand side for on-the-fly foot modifications.

“SABBADIUS introduces the NEW Tiny-Vibe manufactured with the same components as its big brother, the Funky-Vibe, but in a smaller enclosure. It has the same PCB, same components and functionalities except the FOOT CONTROL jack was eliminated to save space. But, it has a SPEED knob at the right that allows you to adjust the SPEED with your foot,” the company wrote.

Sabbadius Electronics has yet to announce the pricing for each Tiny-Vibe.

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