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Silktone Unleashes a Tone Bender Mk1.5-Esque Fuzz Pedal Leave a comment

Californian effects stompbox manufacturer Silktone has released the Tone Bender Mk1.5-style Fuzz pedal equipped with a patent-pending Active Bias Monitor.

Crafted with “simplified versatility” in mind, the Silktone Fuzz consists of two germanium transistors along with a newly developed digital multi-meter to prevent inconsistent bias shifting due to temperature changes.

“We wanted to nail the awesome tones you get when these transistors are biased to their sweet spot… and also when they’re not. No tone left behind,” the brand details.

Per Silktone, the inclusion of a patent-pending Active Bias Monitor makes dialing in fuzz sounds to your liking “easier than ever.”

Control-wise, the Silktone Fuzz carries knobs for Fuzz, Volume, and Cleanup, which adds a clean/crunch boost-esque tone. Elsewhere, there’s a Classic/Raw toggle switch for setting the bias ratio and bass filtering, letting you go from Fuzz Face-style settings to a boosted mode sans bass filter.

The Silktone Fuzz retails for $249, and although the first run has already sold out, a second batch is coming in mid-March.

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