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Thorpy FX Introduces The Boneyard Fuzz Pedal Leave a comment

Thorpy FX has introduced The Boneyard—a fuzz stompbox that covers various Tonebender versions and expands on the promise to bring incredible versatility and more “volume, lower noise.”

The Boneyard carries a quartet of controls for Tone, Level, Feed, and Attack, alongside a Mode switch for toggling between the two-transistor topologies present in earlier variations and three-transistor circuits, which were more typically followed.

In terms of hardware, The Boneyard consists of 1% metal film resistors, Wima and Panasonic capacitors, along with Neutrik jacks, paired with dust sealed potentiometers and gold plated PCB.

According to ThorpyFX Founder Adrian Thorpe, The Boneyard is “a true chameleon of a fuzz pedal,” adding, “This is my interpretation of what the ultimate Tonebender™ would sound like.”

“I wanted one pedal to be able to cover off all the bender™ variants in one small pedalboard friendly footprint. THE BONEYARD is designed to provide you with a supremely versatile foot switchable vintage germanium fuzz pedal that evokes the sounds of everything from the 1960s forward,” Thorpe continued.

The Boneyard is available in limited quantities for £299. Check out the Thorpy FX website for more details.

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