Sitek Collaborates With Joss Allen for the Freya Overdrive/Boost Leave a comment

Sitek Guitar Electronics has teamed up with guitarist Joss Allen to launch its first dual pedal, the Freya Overdrive/Boost.

Designed around Joss’s style and technique, the Freya Overdrive/Boost is a versatile stompbox intended to become a new pedalboard mainstay to every guitarist, from blues to heavy metal players. The unit is a hybrid of a transparent high headroom booster and a low- to mid-gain overdrive.

The Freya’s Overdrive section delivers a low- to mid-gain overdrive that highlights a “focused mid-push.” It comes with three different clipping voices—smooth, bluesy breakup; open and focused; and mid-rich lead tone. Other controls specific to this section include Tone and Drive dials.

Meanwhile, the full range, transparent Boost section offers up to 12dB of clean boost on tap. Players can also reorder it to appear before or after the Overdrive section.

“To me there is beauty in darkness. Power in the sound of carnage and unrelenting excitement in the sound of heavy metal. And who more beautiful, powerful and exciting than the goddess of beauty and war herself Freya… She takes me to the upper realms of brutality that I need, but will also show compassion and beauty when needed. Oh and I forgot to mention… there is a boost just incase you want more excitement,” Joss detailed. “This is the overdrive/boost I have been looking for! I hope she helps you on your journey.”

The Freya Overdrive/Boost retails for €210. 

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