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Way Huge has crammed the Green Rhino Overdrive’s well-loved arsenal of gritty, gnarly overdrive tones into the super pedalboard-friendly Green Rhino MkV.

While it is called the “smallest of the herd,” the Green Rhino Overdrive MkV dishes out tones that match that of its larger companions. It also features some modifications to the frequency management of the MkIV.

Retained from the earlier units in the Green Rhino line are the Tone, Drive, and Volume control knobs that cover the fundamental functions. The passive Tone dial rolls off high-end for a less biting, smoother drive sound.

What sets the Green Rhino Overdrive MkV apart from its counterparts is how the Freq and Curve dials work. Both provide finer adjustment of the monstrous sonic yield. The Curve control allows for taming its roar, while the Freq control boosts or cuts at either 100Hz or 500Hz.

As Way Huge puts into words, “With this level of versatility, you can take any amp from pristine to punchy, from dirty to thunderous. This pedal will have your amp showing a whole new side of itself.”

The overall sonic characteristics stay similar to the tried-and-tested Green Rhino tones yielding subtle spunkiness or thick, full-on distortion. The pedal also sports top-mounted jacks for compact pedalboard setups.

The Green Rhino Overdrive MkV lists for $129.99.

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