Sitek Phasia Phase Shifter

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Sitek Guitar Electronics has introduced the Phasia Phase Shifter, a highly customizable phaser packed with an extensive host of features for tons of control over its retro chewy phase-shifting sounds.

Combining old-school tones and modern functionality, the Phasia allows you the choice between 4, 5, or 6 analog filter stages to modify the effect’s voicing and a trio of switchable LFO shapes—sine, triangular, and hyper triangular.

Control-wise, you get an inbuilt tap tempo function, self-explanatory Rate and Depth dials, a Feedback knob for managing the amount of signal sent back through the filter stages, and Symmetry for experimenting with the LFO waveform’s rise and fall times.

Sporting an analog OTA-based circuit, the Phasia is perfect for subtle modulation or wet and washy sounds. As Sitek Guitar Electronics puts it, “She emerged from the Ocean to ruffle your guitar tone. She stirs the sound waves, weaving her rhythmic song into your signal. She has the power to summon gentle waves, whirls or intensive storms. Phasia is the Sound Muse of Phase Shifting.”

Other handy features include top-mounted jacks and dual DeMont Smooth-Click footswitches to engage/bypass the effect and set a quarter-note tap tempo.

Hand-crafted in Poland, the Phasia Phase Shifter is already available for $260. Learn more over at the Sitek Guitar Electronics website.

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