SolidGoldFX Lysis MkII Fuzz Modulator

SolidGoldFX Updates Its Lysis Fuzz Modulator to MkII Leave a comment

SolidGoldFX has introduced a revamped version of its modulated, polyphonic octave-down fuzz—the Lysis MkII Fuzz Modulator.

“Building on the foundation of our original Lysis design, the Lysis MKII pushes the envelope even further with a number of new features and functionality that increase player interaction and versatility,” the brand wrote.

Sound quality-wise, the Lysis MkII offers a combination of analog and digital processing. They achieve that through “a discrete FET preamp and high-gain fuzz circuit feeding into [their] digital polyphonic voice and filter generator, then back into a discrete transistor output stage.”

The filter comes with various LFO modes and can act as a low- or high-pass filter with adjustable resonance. There’s a fixed frequency mode and sine, triangle, and square waveform modes with 11 presets apiece, selectable via the Mode dial.

Also on offer is an extensive control set consisting of knobs for ramp speed, LFO speed, output level, fuzz gain, and fuzz/filter blend. A Voice switch toggles between a trio of octave modes: octave up and down, octave down, and octave down with a fifth.

Other noteworthy features include top-mounted jacks, a soft-touch true-bypass switching, and an expression jack with an internal dipswitch bank for assigning CV/expression control to various parameters.

The SolidGoldFX Lysis MkII Fuzz Modulator retails for $250. You can hear it in action with the demo video below.

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