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Poland-headquartered Sitek Guitar Electronics has revamped its Caffeine Booster pedal to add tone upgrades, more switching options, and a new chassis color.

Touted as the brand’s “specialty Muse,” the Caffeine Booster V2 keeps the original’s sparkle and rich tone, adding more gain and more extensive controls for better tone-sculpting. “Just like a cup of freshly roasted coffee livens you up in the morning, our Caffeine will awaken your tone, and become your signal’s new addiction,” Sitek Guitar Electronics wrote.

Besides the tone switch that makes changes to the signal’s low-end, the Caffeine Booster V2 carries a new D/B switch for toggling between drive and boost modes. The former allows the unit to function as a crunchy dirt box, while the latter as a more conventional boost.

Sitek Guitar Electronics also retained the original’s DualMode footswitch, which allows for operating the stompbox on a latching or momentary basis. The Caffeine Booster V2 features no-brainer operation with only two dials to contend with: Gain and Level.

The brand promises, “She will make your lead lines shine with her rich, sparkly boost or add bright crunch with her drive mode when you want to spice things up. She plays well with guitar volume and tone controls.”

The Caffeine Booster V2 is already available for $165. Head over to Sitek Guitar Electronics for more details.

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