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Canadian effects builder SolidGoldFX has launched the 76 Plus Octave Up Fuzz and Filter stompbox, which couples the brand’s 76 pedal alongside a custom filter section, with both sounds available separately or stacked together.

The 76 Plus’ fuzz side features a circuit which, according to SolidGoldFX, is inspired by classic stompboxes such as the Ibanez Standard Fuzz, Univox Super Fuzz, and Shin-Ei Companion. This powerful, cutting fuzz incorporates a “baked-in octave up that’s especially apparent the higher you go up the fretboard.”

Controls include Volume, Texture, and Fuzz knobs as well as Color and Clip toggles for setting the amount of high-frequency content and compression.

Meanwhile, the filter section is operated via the Speed and Level knobs as well as Shape and Mode toggles. It features nine filter types overall, enabling everything from “smooth and vocal triangle waves and pulsating sawtooths to synth-like sequences.”

The 76 Plus also carries an expression pedal input for hands-free command over the speed and frequency of the filter section, allowing wah-style manual filter sweeps and other real-time changes. This dual-circuit stompbox operates on 9V DC power.

Handbuilt in Montreal, the 76 Plus Octave Up Fuzz and Filter pedal boasts classic tones coupled with modern playability. It is available now and retails for $250.

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