Strymon Reveals the Iridium Pedalboard Amp Modeler Leave a comment

Following last week’s tease, effects pedal builder Strymon has unveiled the new Iridium Amp & IR Cab, designed for players who wish to go directly into the PA live or interface for recording.

Per Strymon, the Iridium pedalboard amp modeler offers “unprecedented impulse response speaker cabinet realism” and authentic valve amp tones.

Key to its authenticity claim is the sophisticated Matrix Modeling technology which, according to Strymon, faithfully captures the subtleties of all the classic amps models found inside—punch (based on a Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959), chime (influenced by the Vox AC30), and round (based on a Fender Deluxe Reverb).

The Iridium also includes three IR cab sim models for each amp (nine overall) as well as a room switch that delivers “adjustable room ambiance”—effectively a hybrid room reverb combining Strymon’s reverb tank algorithms with a 256-millisecond stereo impulse response.

Other features include a low-noise JFET front-end preamp that delivers 20dB of analog gain before the guitar tone reaches the amp-modeling DSP. Similar to most Strymon pedals, it also incorporates MIDI and expression pedal control and enables storing as much as four amp and cab presets.

Strymon claims that the Iridium will make it convenient to “dial in a direct guitar tone that will truly inspire and sound great.”

The Strymon Iridium is already available to order for $399.

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