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SolidGoldFX Unveils the Ether Modulated Reverberator Leave a comment

SolidGoldFX has introduced a compact modulated ambient-focused reverberator—the Ether Modulated Reverberator.

Tone-wise, the Ether is wired to yield shifting, dynamic, and infinite soundscapes effortlessly. While the Bypass footswitch doubles as an infinite hold switch, the Tap footswitch lets you activate the LFO speed tempo.

In terms of modulation, you can choose between three modes—Vibrato, Tremolo, and Harmonic-Tremolo, each controlled by Sine, Sawtooth, and Special Waveforms.

Per SolidGoldFX, “The Vibrato adds a melting fluidity and washed out chorus flavor to the verb while the Tremolo can divide things up into subtle waves or absolutely chop up your tails for a more percussive decay. Finally, the Harmonic-Tremolo adds a wonderful Push/Pull character that tilts the sonic spectrum between highs and lows, all while sweeping everything in between.”

Also on offer are Color control to introduce a low-/high-pass filter, a Level knob to make your wet signal louder than the dry one, and an additional shimmer mode crafted to be less pretty-sounding than a regular shimmer verb.

Other handy features include analog dry-through, top-mounted jacks, and true- or trails-bypass mode operation.

Hand-built in Canada, the Ether Modulated Reverberator lists for $209.

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