Catalinbread Cloak Reverb and Shimmer

Catalinbread Launches the Cloak Reverb and Shimmer Leave a comment

Catalinbread has lifted the veil on its latest masterpiece, the Cloak Reverb and Shimmer pedal.

Intended as a stripped-back take on a shimmer reverb, the Cloak consists of only a quartet of knobs: Room Size, High Cut, Mix, and Shimmer.

At its core is a room-esque reverb, which you can unleash when the Shimmer dial is zero. Meanwhile, turning the Shimmer up highlights three orders of the reverb’s upper harmonics. Those then pass through a low-pass filter (adjustable via the High Cut control) to keep the sound from becoming overly bright or harsh.

Per Catalinbread, the Room Size dial ranges from “cramped broom closet” to “as close to infinity as we can possibly muster.” Other handy features include switchable true- or buffered-bypass modes.

“We ship the Cloak in trails mode. This mode is buffered, and the preamp will be active even in bypass. We call it ‘Trails’ mode because the reverb signal will continue to decay even after the Cloak is switched off,” the brand notes.

The Catalinbread Cloak Reverb and Shimmer is now available for an early Black Friday price of $178.49 instead of $209.99.

You can hear it in action with the demo video below.

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