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Spaceman Downscales Its Iconic Deluxe Phaser With the Explorer Leave a comment

Spaceman Effects has announced a downsized variant of its cult-classic Explorer Deluxe six-stage optical phaser—the Explorer.

Dressed in either a Red, Black, or Silver paint job, the new Explorer draws inspiration from the brand’s first-ever phaser. It keeps all the well-loved Deluxe features and packages them in a more compact enclosure.

Like its now-discontinued predecessor, the rejuvenated Explorer is designed as an optical six-stage analog phaser perfect for everything from aggressive ebbs to fluid-smooth sounds.

In terms of control, you get a Shape mode selector dial offering a Manual mode and five LFO wave shapes—Sine, Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Square, and Triangle.

Elsewhere, the self-explanatory Mix and Volume knobs are joined by Res, Rate, and Range parameters, which add feedback, enable extremely slow/fast modulation, and dictate the phasing’s low-frequency extension, respectively.

The Spaceman Effects Explorer is already available for $279.

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