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Orange Launches The Guitar Butler Dual-Channel Preamp Leave a comment

Orange has introduced The Guitar Butler, a compact yet full-service dual-channel preamp.

Providing a good balance between versatility and intuitive control, The Guitar Butler is the perfect tool for those seeking a one-stop portable ‘board-mounted preamp for gigs, recordings, and rehearsals.

Boasting two-channel capabilities, The Guitar Butler acts as a pedal platform with a hint of vintage twang on the Clean side and dishes out a classic 70s-esque distortion tone on the Dirty channel, thanks to an all-analog JFET circuit.

With The Guitar Butler, there’s no shortage of control with 11 dials and two footswitches. Each channel comes with independent gain and three-band EQ controls, while the Dirty channel is also controllable via the presence and two volume knobs.

For the footswitches, use the right switch for channel selection and the left to adjust the Dirty channel volume. You also have bright LED indicators and a ground lift toggle switch on the back.

According to Orange, “The Guitar Butler Dual Channel Guitar Pre was tailored to provide comprehensive, exceptional service to your signal chain. As a standalone unit or part of a larger rig, allow the Guitar Butler to manage your tonal affairs.”

Like its forerunner, The Bass Butler, The Guitar Butler is made in the UK and retails for $429.

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