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Spaceman Effects has announced a unique all-germanium fuzz pedal, the Sputnik III Germanium Fuzz.

Per the company, the Sputnik fuzz series, like other Spaceman pedals, pay “homage to the golden era of electronics and is brimming with vintage soul.” The Sputnik III leverages NOS Soviet germanium diodes and transistors to dish out its exceptional array of fuzz tones, ranging from smooth and thick to splatty and gritty. 

As is usual with germanium fuzzes, the sonic interactivity of its four dials—Signal, Range, Calibrate, and Scan—provides guitarists with hours of experimentation, even before considering other options such as voltage dropping and fuzz stacking.

“The mid-sized form factor allows for an enhancement in function over the original Sputnik, and an enhancement in practicality over the Sputnik II,” Spaceman Effects wrote. “Step into your inner world and discover a new wellspring of creativity and boundless possibility with the Sputnik III.”

Handcrafted in Portland, the Sputnik III sports a cast-aluminum chassis consists of jewel indicator light and an engraved vinyl faceplate. It also features true-bypass relay switching with soft-touch footswitches. 

The Sputnik III comes in two build variations: Standard Edition and Limited Edition. The three limited-run designs include a Soviet-inspired Red, Red Moon, and Black.

The standard Sputnik III lists for $269. For more details, head over to Spaceman Effects.

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