Dwarfcraft Devices Winds Down With Special Eau Claire Thunders Leave a comment

After 13 marvelous years of device-building, Dwarfcraft Devices has announced that it is ceasing operations with a special final run of Eau Claire Thunder fuzz pedals, crafted alongside Japanese experimental doom rockers, Boris. 

Dwarfcraft makers Ben and Louise Hinz shared on their website: “We have been doing the pedal thing for so many years but it is time to take a break to try something new.”

The Eau Claire Thunder’s commemorative run comes in two variants, each with screen-printed artwork of either Boris’ LOVE or EVOL albums. Only 20 units of each design will be available to purchase on the Dwarfcraft Devices website. 

Named after the bad weather of Dwarfcraft Devices’ hometown Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the Eau Claire Thunder is arguably the company’s most popular device. It has witnessed significant use from the likes of Takeshi Ohtani of Boris, Japanoise luminary Merzbow, Deadmau5, and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. 

“Since we are all on lockdown, we won’t have a last day or anything concrete,” Dwarfcraft Devices wrote, assuring: “We will continue to repair pedals under warranty for the next few months so send an email if you need anything. Our website will stay up, and the email addresses will stay active, so we aren’t disappearing. We aren’t even sure this will be permanent. For now, it is a hiatus for the next several months.”

Read the company’s full statement on its website. 

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