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Suhr Enters Delay Market With the Discovery Pedal Leave a comment

Suhr has launched its first-ever delay stompbox—the Discovery, a studio-quality analog delay featuring expansive controls, powerful specs, and more.

Consisting of four re-issued MN3005 bucket-brigade chips, the Discovery serves up classic, warm-sounding echoes, with delay times ranging from 40ms to 1100ms. Subdivision controls allow it to be further extendable to 17ms to 2000ms.

Innovative features that distinguish the Discovery from other analog delays include MIDI-controllability, tap tempo, and 127 programmable presets. Also on offer is a modulation, covering sine, square, and triangle waveforms, coupled with Depth and Speed knobs.

Not content with that, the Discovery also has a soft limiter in the circuit, which comes in handy when rolling the Regen dial up to self-oscillation territory, avoiding deafening yourself and your audience.

Promising possibly endless sounds and possibilities, Suhr wrote: “All knobs can be mapped to the expression pedal with a custom sweep for each one. A different mapping can be saved to each preset. From simply speeding up the delay time for those classic ‘tape-ramp’ tones, to getting an infinite regen/freeze sound to fill an expansive space.”

The Suhr Discovery carries a price tag of $549. Check out the demo video below or head over to the brand’s website to learn more.

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