Supro Flanger

Supro Unveils the All-Analog Flanger Leave a comment

Supro has introduced the “sibling to the Supro Chorus”—the all-analog, full-stereo modulation Supro Flanger.

Leveraging a quartet of MN3009 Bucket Brigade chips, the Supro Flanger dishes out a lush and high-headroom flanger sound. Comprising its control interface are Speed, Width, Sweep, and Feedback dials.

Using the Feedback knob, you can remove or adjust the resonance amount in the circuit. Turning the dial clockwise raises the positive feedback while going anti-clockwise increases negative feedback. Meanwhile, the Sweep control lets you increase or decrease the delay time.

Also on offer is a mini-toggle switch for engaging the Supro Flanger’s Dimension mode. That works by feeding a couple of stereo channels into each other, yielding an enormous, deep sound even while you’re using it in mono.

Other handy features include top-mounted jacks, a tall chassis, and standard 9V DC power operation.

The Supro Flanger is available for $289.

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