Joyo King Of Kings

Joyo Debuts the KoT-Inspired King Of Kings Overdrive Leave a comment

Joyo has unveiled a budget-friendlier alternative to the elusive Analog Man King Of Tone (KoT)—the King Of Kings Overdrive, letting you enjoy classic dual-Bluesbreaker sounds sans the four-year wait.

Sporting a familiar two-drive format, the King Of Kings consists of Tone, Volume, and Gain dials for each side. It also comes with a pair of clipping switches for each side, doing the job of the internal dip switches on the KoT V4.

Other features similar to its inspiration include individual footswitches for each side of the stompbox. “Its classic vintage overdrive circuit adopts 1+1 dual channel design, can be used alone or connected in series, you’ll get warm OVERDRIVE, fierce CRUNCH or vintage DISTORTION by 1+1 connected in series,” the brand wrote.

Pricing for the Joyo King Of Kings starts at €75, which is less than half of an authentic KoT V4. You can hear it in action below.

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