TC Electronic Debuts Mini Hall of Fame 2 and Flashback 2 Leave a comment

TC Electronic has unveiled the Flashback 2 Mini and the Hall of Fame 2 Mini, which are downsized variants of their original counterparts.

Both stompboxes sport the brand’s signature TonePrint technology and a multi-function MASH footswitch. “We revolutionized the tonal universe with our amazing TonePrint App, which allows you to beam FX directly to your device, including signature reverbs from the most revered icons of rock and roll,” TC Electronic wrote.

The mini TC Electronic pedals feature a simple control interface, each consisting only of three dials. The Hall of Fame 2 Mini carries Decay, Tone, and Level dials for controlling the time, color, and blend of the effect, respectively. But for those who wish to squeeze the most use out of it, they can employ the TonePrint. This allows for selecting from several potential reverb tones, including the new Shimmer Reverb.

Similar to its reverb sibling, the Flashback 2 Mini also sports a trio of knobs: Level, Feedback, and Delay. It enables expression pedal-esque control over various parameters with the MASH switch. TonePrint also unleashes all the delay tones the Flashback 2 Mini has to offer. That ranges from vintage tape grit to crystalline, polyphonic octave delays.

TC Electronic has yet to announce the pricing for both the Flashback 2 Mini and the Hall of Fame 2 Mini. Learn more about both pedals on TC Electronic’s website.

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