Ibanez Upgrades the WH10 Wah to V3 Leave a comment

Ibanez has released version three of a classic ’80s wah pedal, the WH10 V3.

The WH10 V3 sports the same core circuitry as the original, plus some new tweaks, including switchable bypass. Players can now engage a true-bypass mode instead of the buffered bypass mode available in the earlier WH10 variants.

Furthermore, the WH10 V3 incorporates a range selector switch for bass or guitar frequency sweeps, as well as an added depth knob.

The WH10 V3 revives the multiple feedback op-amp to capture the real essence of the original unit. The multiple feedback op-amp maintains consistent gain across frequency ranges for unrivaled smoothness when sweeping the filter.

The WH10 is popularized in the 1990s by Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante. In a 2009 interview, he revealed:

“[T]he Ibanez WH-10 is my standard wah since Blood Sugar Sex Magik. I don’t think there’s a better wah. When we were making Stadium Arcadium, there was so much wah I figured I’d use a variety of pedals and there wasn’t one that came close to the Ibanez.”

The WH10 V3 comes in an ultra-durable, die-cast metal chassis instead of the original plastic, which is notoriously fragile.

Learn more about the WH10 V3 on Ibanez’s website.

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