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TC Electronic has debuted the Plethora X5 multi-effects pedal packed with customizable virtual versions of TC Electronic stompboxes.

The Plethora X5 was first hinted in a cryptic Facebook post last September, with a picture of a single footswitch plus the words “Toneprint Pedalboard.” While it was reluctant at the time to reveal too much information, the company answered some comments, saying it is different from the G-System, and that speculators should not “think of it as a multi-FX.”

The long-rumored stompbox boasts five sections of effects, including every TonePrint unit TC Electronic has launched to date. Each effects section comes with a separate MASH footswitch. Players may craft as much as 127 “pedalboards,” each with five pedals. The Plethora X5 is capable of storing up to 75 TonePrints for every effect.

TC Electronic ensures that immediately after unboxing the Plethora X5, “you’ve got a whole bunch of tasty premade boards ready to go. No fuss. If you have a specific idea about what you need, take it one step further and choose which pedals go where on your board.”

Elsewhere, the Plethora X5 carries stereo inputs and outputs as well as a cab sim with British-esque voicing. TC Electronic also promises additional updates to the unit, to be rolled out throughout its lifespan.

The Plethora X5 will be available later this year for $399.

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