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Electro-Harmonix has unveiled its most sophisticated reverb pedal yet, the Oceans 12 Dual Stereo Reverb.

Ever since its inception in 2018, the Oceans 11 has become a pedalboard staple for numerous guitarists. Now, Electro-Harmonix has taken that well-loved pedal to the next level with its big brother, the Oceans 12.

The Oceans 12 boasts a pair of independent stereo reverb engines that allow for running two reverbs simultaneously. That is a significant boon for musicians who take advantage of Electro-Harmonix’s remarkable pitch-shifted shimmer sounds.

Players may run the two reverbs in parallel or series, making for rich short and long-decay combos or extreme stacked reverbs. Advanced I/O options enable players to send reverbs to different channels or return/send for post- and pre-reverb control.

Moreover, Electro-Harmonix incorporated the Oceans 11’s secondary knob functionalities as well as additional controls for Lo-Fi and Tide (for stereo image alteration), two dozens of presets, and an expression/footswitch jack.

True to its name, the Oceans 12 features a dozen of reverb types, namely RESONANT, POLYPHONIC, SHIMMER, AUTO-INF, DYNA, MOD, TREM, ECHO, REVERSE, PLATE, SPRING, and ROOM. Other features include a Tails switch for controlling the reverb bypass fade.

The Oceans 12 Dual Stereo Reverb will be available in mid-March for $237. Head over to Electro-Harmonix for more details.

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