TC Electronic June-60 V2

TC Electronic Revamps Its June-60 Chorus With V2 Leave a comment

TC Electronic has updated its June-60 Chorus, which replicates the Roland Juno-60 synthesizer’s chorus, to V2, adding a wider stereo and better synth support.

In keeping with the June-60’s origins, version two comes with an internal toggle switch to set the input level for playing with guitars or synths. According to TC Electronic’s Paul Robert Scott: “We learned that quite a lot of keyboard players use June-60 to add that chorus-y magic on classic and new synths, so we found it a complete no-brainer to also make keys as a priority when we set out to refine this pedal.

“And I am super excited about the result, which has succeeded in providing an even more accurate reproduction of a classic analog chorus, making it much more versatile while at the same time keeping the user interface simple and intuitive. You know, all great blockbusters deserve a sequel, and June-60 is no exception. I am happy to report that in this product manager’s view, the sequel is indeed even better than the original blockbuster.”

Other noteworthy additions include an internal dipswitch bank to modify the LFO speed to “more closely match that of the Juno.” Meanwhile, standard operation stays the same: a Mono/Stereo slider switch and two buttons for choosing between slow lush chorus or speedier wobble, respectively.

You can hear the new and improved June-60 in action below.

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