Crazy Tube Circuits TI:ME

Crazy Tube Circuits Replicates Earliest Digital Delays With TI:ME Leave a comment

Crazy Tube Circuits is taking vintage digital delay enthusiasts back in time with the introduction of the TI:ME—a delay stompbox designed to imitate the iconic tone of the earliest digital delay devices.

With the TI:ME pedal, you get a combination of two meticulously filtered digital recording units together with an all-analog signal path. The brand likens its tone to the vintage MXR Model 113, serving up repeats evocative of worn tape echoes.

Adding some modern touch to the pedal is an onboard tap tempo footswitch with subdivision options. You may also tweak the sound even more using the tone knob and a one-dial modulation control that sets both rate and depth.

Sporting a retro-looking hand-lacquered copper finish, the TI:ME is out now with a price tag of $209. Check out the video below or head over to the Crazy Tube Circuits website for more details.

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